In 2016 – 2017

In 2016 – 2017

MFEC invested in four (4) more companies: 1) Playtorium Solutions Company Limited 2) Fanster Media Company Limited 3) Data Cafe Company Limited 4) Digital Savvy Company Limited

MFEC continued its organizational restructuring, while formulating new business management strategies and making investment continuously in order to cope with economic recoveries in the country and abroad as well as IT transformation. The shifts in IT have played key roles to induce quick changes in consumer behavior. Particularly, disruptive technology has affected the current technological use and the direction for business management has changed. Therefore, the company has adjusted itself through the following, more diverse business models:

  • Joint venture with a potential partner. MFEC and its partner’s specialties and strength were synergized for a new business:
    • Revenue sharing : The investment was made in potential businesses for consistent and sustainable income.
    • Business unit spin-off : MFEC supported a business unit to be capable to set up MFEC’s new subsidiary to raise its employees’ entrepreneurship, have ownership (shareholding in the new company), and advance in their career path. This practice was also aimed to retain MFEC’s talents, boost and maintain its serviceability and competitiveness.
    • Solution provider : The best IT solutions were proposed to customers, focusing on enterprises which generated main income for the company.

MFEC invested in four (4) more companies:

1) Playtorium Solutions Company Limited at 70% of its registered capital

2) Fanster Media Company Limited at 30% of its registered capital

3) Data Cafe Company Limited at 59.9% of its registered capital

4) Digital Savvy Company Limited at 36% of its registered capital

MFEC Group had four (4) associated companies and fourteen (14) subsidiaries.