Health hustle Challenge (45 Days) / Let’s Burn & Build Program

This program aims to reduce the risk of diseases in employees with excessive or insufficient weight by calculating the body mass index (BMI), an international standard for estimating appropriate weight and body fat levels based on height and weight. Participants can use any method to lose or gain weight to bring their BMI back into the normal range as much as possible. For those already in the normal range, they will track their steps using an app to achieve the highest step count within 45 days. 

Let’s Burn & Build was an activity under the Health Hustle Challenge (45 Days) program, aimed at encouraging employees to exercise and take care of their health. It involved cardio and bodyweight exercises led by trainers provided by the company. 

Performance: 68 employees participated in the Health Hustle Challenge (45 Days) & Let’s Burn & Build program.