Supplier code of conduct

MFEC Public Company Limited and its affiliates Realized the importance of good corporate governance By faith and believing that good corporate governance will be beneficial to sustainable business operation in the long run. Because it will build confidence for shareholders, investors, and all related parties.

The Company has prepared this Code of Conduct as a basis for considering the appropriateness of behaviors that may be at risk of unethical violations. and is a guideline for working and operating the company’s business transparently and fairly under the provisions of the law Upholding morals and ethics Avoid any activity or action. that may lead to conflicts with the Company’s business Such principles not only build confidence for shareholders, investors, or all stakeholders. But it can also generate benefits and good business results for the company. and enhancing competitiveness and sustainable growth

The company is very pleased to be a business partner with you. The company sincerely hopes that a good relationship with each other. will create mutual benefits for both parties forever
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Supplier Code of Conduct