Whistleblowing or Complaints

Whistleblowing Channel

As MFEC attaches great importance to the good corporate governance, we have provided channels for all interested parties to report our audit committee of clues about breaching or failure to comply with the law, regulation or corporate governance policy, the inaccurate financial report and the defect of the internal control system. In the reporting, the reporter needs to provide truly and clearly information details or evidence which are enough for fact investigation or any further process. The reporter might choose not to disclose personal information (e.g.name, contact), but your disclosure will allow MFEC to ask for more information, explain related fact, report the progress of investigation and process more satisfying solution. However, MFEC considers the personal information of each reporter as confidential information and shall not disclose such information unless the reporter gives consent for the disclosure, or such disclosure is required by law or related regulator. Channels for Whistleblowing.

Anti Corruption Team

Third-party Whistleblower Helpline



These whistleblowing channels aims at the development and adjustment of corporate governance, we disclaim not to consider information which is unclear, impolite, related to political opinion and defaming or breaching other people ‘s legitimate rights.

Whistle blower is legally protected

    Personal Information (Please fill in the reporter information as
    confidential information and shall not disclose such information)

    Learn MFEC's Whistle-Blowing Privacy Notice here