Company and Subsidiaries

Total Revenues (Mil. Baht)4,740.323,729.313,391.55
Revenues from Ssales and Service (Mil. Baht)4,670.823,688.093,339.49
Gross Profit (Mil. Baht)857.96794.46614.47
Net Profit (Mil. Baht)244.62225.42(166.15)
Total Assets (Mil. Baht)5,124.003,670.063,330.28
Total Liabilities (Mil. Baht)3,191.481,812.90 1,598.43
Total shareholder’s equity of the parent company (Mil. Baht)1,904.731,828.89 1,708.09
Non-controlling interests (Mil. Baht)27.7928.2723.76
Gross profit margin ( % ) 18.37%21.54%18.40%
Net profit ( % )5.16%6.04%(4.90%)
Return On Investment:
Return on total assets ( % )4.77%6.14% (4.99%)
Return on equity ( % )12.84%(9.73%)11.45
Liquidity & Stability:
Current ratio (Times) 1.48 1.831.86
Debt to Equity ratio (Times)1.331.651.70
Per Share Data:
Number of shares (Registered)441,453,555 441,453,555 441,453,555
Number of shares (Fully paid)441,453,555441,453,555 441,453,555
Book value (Baht/Share)4.314.143.87
Net profit (Loss) (Baht/Share)0.55 0.51(0.38)
Dividends (Baht/Share) *0.400.350.20


The Board of Directors’ Meeting No.1/2021 held on 23 February 2021 passed a resolution to pay devident for the year 2020 operation results to shareholders at a rate of Baht 0.40 per share. The proposal is to be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders for the year 2021 on 26 April 2021 for further approval.