Code of Conduct

MFEC Public Company Limited’s Board of Director revised and approved this Code of Conduct to encourage the directors, executives and employees to perform their works and operate the company’s businesses with fairness and transparency, adhere to ethics and morality, and avoid any action or activity which could lead to any conflict of interests with the company’s businesses.
MFEC Public Company Limited and its companies are well aware of the importance of good corporate governance, having faith and confidence that the good corporate governance will be beneficial to the business operations with long-term sustainability as to ensure the shareholders, investors and all related parties. Throughout the entire periods of its business operations, the company has adhered and intended to follow its strong commitments to the stakeholders with a broad, clear and sincere vision, while respecting the law in order to build up and sustain the confidence of all stakeholders.
The company has established this Code of Business Conduct with business ethics, aiming to convey its vital message to the Directors, executives and employees and become the principles for consideration of behavior at risk to the Code and of work practices. Finally, the move will promote and lead to the good corporate governance, development of the business operations and MFEC people with higher morale and sustainability, and build-up of confidence and socially-accepted recognition.

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