Corporate Governance Policy

Provided MFEC Board of Directors’ awareness of and commitment on its management with good corporate governance, it performs its duties and responsibilities to enrich transparency, cultivate healthy relationship with clients, traders, rivals, communities and the society as a whole. The policies and strategies are altered to cope with business transformation and promote innovation for business values as well as deliver benefits to clients and the society. Our businesses are properly operated with responsibility which makes the company stay competitive and grow with sustainability in the long term for confidence of MFEC’s shareholders, investors and stakeholders.   The Board of Directors of MFEC Public Company Limited has considered and formulated a corporate governance policy by covering various practices to uphold it as a good guideline for the Board, Executives and Staff to achieve the goal of creating stability and sustainable growth of the organization.

Corporate Governance Policy

Environment Policy


Human Rights Policy

The company sets a composition involving risk management and its guidelines, and provide all supports in order to manage risk to be acceptable in all dimensions for the organization’s sustainable achievement in vision and mission. The company has the risk management policy in the following manners;
1. Risk Management and Corporate Governance Committee is appointed to oversee and supervise management of the overall risks of the organization as stated in the Charter.
2. Risk Management and Corporate Governance Working Group is appointed to inspect and assess risks according to the risk assessment criteria and solve them to become acceptable without any damages to the organization. Risk assessment results shall be reported to Risk Management and Corporate Governance Committee periodically.
3. Risk assessment criteria has been established by Risk Management and Corporate Governance Committee. The Committee has also updated, reviewed and approved the criteria yearly for further implementation.
4. All employees shall perform their duties with carefulness and prudence in order to prevent and control risks that may arise.
5. All employees shall support activities for risk management.