Dividend Policy

The Company has a policy of paying a dividend of not less than 50% of net profit after tax and legally retained earnings. The Company’s Board of Directors is authorized to declare no dividend payment or alter the policy occasionally to optimize the shareholders’ benefits. For example, the earnings are used for debt payment reserve, investment of business expansion or the case of changes in market conditions that may affect the company’s future cash flow.

SecurityBoD Approved DateXD DateDividend Payment DateType of DividendDividend per Share (Baht/share)Performance Period
MFEC27/02/6203/05/6217/05/62Cash Dividend0.20Retained Earnings
MFEC26/02/6103/05/6118/05/61Cash Dividend0.2501/01/60-31/12/60
MFEC28/02/6027/04/6015/05/60Cash Dividend0.3501/01/59-31/12/59
MFEC15/03/5903/05/5923/05/59Cash Dividend0.33Retained Earnings
MFEC24/02/5827/04/5815/05/58Cash Dividend0.5001/01/57-31/12/57 and Retained Earnings
MFEC19/02/5728/04/5719/05/57Cash Dividend0.4501/01/56 – 31/12/56
MFEC26/02/5630/04/5620/05/56Cash Dividend0.33
MFEC27/02/5503/05/5521/05/55Cash Dividend0.33
MFEC21/02/5404/05/5420/05/54Cash Dividend0.45
MFEC24/02/5330/04/5321/05/53Cash Dividend0.3301/01/52 – 31/12/52
MFEC23/02/5204/05/5222/05/52Cash Dividend0.4501/01/51 – 31/12/51
MFEC25/02/5102/05/5120/05/51Cash Dividend0.5001/01/50 – 31/12/50
MFEC21/02/5003/05/5018/05/50Cash Dividend0.3501/01/49 – 31/12/49