Frequently Asked Questions

System Integration and IT Professional Services.

Associated Company,

  1. Angstrom Solutions Company Limited (Angstorm)
  2. PromptNow Company Limited (PN)
  3. Fanster Media Company Limited (FM)
  4. Digital Savvy Company Limited (DS)

Subsidiary Company,

  1. Advance Intelligence Modernity Company Limited (AIM)
  2. Modernform Integration Services Company Limited (MIS)
  3. M.I.S. Outsourcing Company Limited (MISO)
  4. Business Applications Company Limited (BAC)
  5. Motif Technology Public Company Limited (Motif)
  6. Soft Square 1999 Company Limited (SS1999)
  7. Khonkaen Softtech Company Limited (KKS)
  8. Soft Plus Technology Company Limited (SPT)
  9. Soft Professional Company Limited (SP)
  10. Sam Mok Software Company Limited (SM)
  11. K Soft Consulting Company Limited (KS)
  12. Hong Son Software Company Limited (HS)
  13. Playtorium Solutions Company Limited (PTS)
  14. Data cafe Company Limited (DC)

The Company has a policy to pay dividend at a rate of approximately 50% of net profit after tax. For the year 2017, the Board of Directors approved to pay a dividend at the rate of 0.25 Baht per share.

The business will transform into digital for both corporation and national level, to bring the economy into the “Thailand 4.0” era.

Overview, the economy continues to grow with global economic growth’s rate at 3.7%.

In 2017, MFEC Group has focused on Business Transformation, changes in some dimensions that affect business operations. To cope with the fluctuated trends. The change of Information Technology trend and customer’s needs. Transformation it will not focus on race with others with technology. So, MFEC adjust its management and operation under “Transformation” idea by not completing with others using technology but instead, by building new business model and leading the market needs on it owns. MFEC also focuses on creating royalty and encourage success for employees within the organization through joint venture Projects by investing in the startup business from its employee.

  1. Improvement in IT Infrastructure within the organization
  2. Expand our customer base to cover more business fields.
  3. Expand the Business Consulting Services and more develop the Information Technology further.
  4. Expand the business scope by developing and owning more intellectual property
  1. Encourage employee with creativities who have potential by supporting and invert in their startup companies. Where they can also become a stakeholder also in the new business ownership.
  2. The expansion of revenue together with the business alliance to increase the organization’s income from other industries.
  3. The organization commit to be a leader in country’s IT human resources development to create value added jobs for local communities.

Total revenue of 3,016 million Baht, net profit of 156 million Baht.