MFEC organized the Annual General Meeting 1/2023

MFEC Public Company Limited or MFEC organized the Annual General Meeting 1/2023 via WebEx. The meeting, chaired by Mr. Sirisak Tirawattanangkul, Chairman of the Board, along with Mr. Siriwat Vongjarukorn, CEO, and Mr. Thanakorn Charlee, COO, and the Company’s Board of Directors, took place at 23rd Floor, 349 SJ Infinite One Business Complex, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd., Chompol, Chatujak, Bangkok.

During the meeting, the resolution for the dividend payment for the 2022 fiscal year was approved at THB 0.40 per share, which will be paid on May 19, 2023. The Company also presented its business strategies and operations direction for 2023, which aims to sustain growth and transform its business structure towards a sustainable business model with a higher recurring business. The Company also plans to invest in technology that supports future growth, such as ChatGPT (AI) and ESG Platform, to achieve its target sales growth rate of 15% annually.

The Company believes that three factors will contribute to sustainable growth of its IT business, which are:
1. The ability to identify and invest in technology trends accurately and precisely
2. The availability of competent employees who can adopt and respond to new technologies promptly
3. The superiority over other businesses in the same industry in some aspects, such as credibility or marketing advantages, in order to access and start new technologies
You can watch the video recording of the Annual General Meeting 1/2023 at