Shift with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project

The project aims to encourage employees to recognize the importance of applying AI in work processes to increase efficiency and maximize benefits, reducing the use of resources in terms of manpower (man-days), budget, and time spent working. The project will support employees in assessing their own perceived potential in using AI tools, in order to find appropriate learning paths. They will have the opportunity to experiment with and become familiar with various types of AI tools/applications, in order to apply them appropriately.

Activities promoting awareness of the importance and potential of Al:

  • Al Self-Efficacy
  • Choose me if you Pain Mission (MS Form)
  • Engagement in Viva Engage (A! My Gosh)
  • 5 minutes talk about Al
  • The MeetUp 118 Machine Learning musna Al
  • The MeetUp 119 Boosting Efficiency & Productivity in Business with ChatGPT
  • The MeetUp 120 How to Utilize ChatGPT to Create a New S-Curve “Using the innovation trinity framework”
  • The MeetUp 121: Open the world of ChatGPT (Online, Onsite)
  • The MeetUp 122 Empowering Marketing with ChatGPT
  • The MeetUp 124: Basic Generative Al and Write the right prompting
  • SkillShift 003: Open to Al world
  • SkillShift 005 5 Why & Fishbone once and for all
  • Sharing applied Generative Al

Performance: 390 employees participated in the “Shift with AI” project