MFEC Applauds I2’s Stock Exchange Listing and Reaffirms Commitment to Collaborative Growth

MFEC Public Company Limited (MFEC) is delighted to extend its heartfelt congratulations to I2 Enterprise Plc. (I2) on its successful listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This milestone represents a significant achievement for I2, and MFEC is proud to have played a role in supporting its remarkable growth trajectory.

As a long-term investor in I2 since 2020, MFEC recognized the company’s immense potential. MFEC’s commitment extended beyond financial investment, fostering a collaborative partnership that leveraged its expertise in financial best practices. This joint effort culminated in the development of a comprehensive Value Creation Plan, designed to propel I2’s growth and expansion.

Looking ahead, MFEC remains steadfast in its unwavering support for I2’s ambitious goals. The shared vision for a prosperous future motivates MFEC to continue fostering a collaborative environment that fosters mutually beneficial growth. Together, MFEC and I2 aim to shape a new S-Curve for the industry, creating a thriving business ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.