This project aims to drive an environmentally friendly organization by creating sustainable value from the internal to the external community. This begins with raising employee awareness and enabling employees to participate in creating value through adjusting their behaviors within the organization based on the following concepts:

CLEAN – Clean spaces, livable environment
DARE – Challenge potential and take overall responsibility
SHARE – Exchange knowledge and share approaches
ACTION – Consistent implementation and reinforce habits

Project Activities:

  • How to Dispose: Dispose properly to turn waste into something valuable by throwing items into the correct bins.
  • Save Energy More Energy: Save water, save electricity. 1% from each person = 100% change.
  • HallowGreen (Haunted Green): Even ghosts care for the environment. Dress up as a ghost that’s both haunting and eco-friendly.
  • Dispose, Share, Post: Properly dispose, and proudly share it with the world.
  • Environmentally Friendly Loy Krathong (Virtual): As IT people, we should only float digital krathongs.
  • Clear Fridge Fridays: Refrigerators have hearts too. An overstuffed fridge consumes excess electricity. Clear it out every Friday. Print mindfully – don’t let paper become unnecessary waste.


  • 6.09 kg of stretched plastic waste sent to the Recycled project.
  • 43.41 kg of clear plastic bottles sent to the OR Fiber Weaving project.
  • 1.05 kg of electronic waste sent to AIS collection bins.
  • 18 kg of expired production equipment donated.
  • 100% reduction in paper used in recruitment processes.
  • 48.16% reduction in paper used in work processes.