Shift with Essential Skill Project

Another skill the company emphasizes is soft skills or “Essential Skills” – skills necessary for work efficiency. The focus is on skills aligned with MFEC’s corporate culture or DNA, which helps employees adapt to working together and be ready to handle any situation effectively. Currently, there are four skills:

  1. MINE​ The Ownership MINE​ The Ownership:​ A course extending thoughts on self-development and driving perspectives on work success through game-based learning activities, especially for new employees.​  Conducted 11 training sessions with 187 employees participating.
  2. OPEN​ for Better Communication: Communication is the first door connecting people through understanding the importance and techniques to increase efficiency and reduce conflicts, learned through workshops or discussions.  Conducted 6 training sessions with 100 employees participating.
  3. MBTI​ Myers ​Briggs ​​Type ​Indicator: A course introducing psychological personality assessment tools to understand individual differences, leading to approaches for working and coexisting.  Conducted 8 training sessions with 82 employees participating.
  4. MOTIVATION​ The art of ​Moving your Potential: From small insights into behavior backgrounds, to unleashing the potential of those around you with the science of motivational psychology. Conducted 4 training sessions with 35 employees participating.