Functional Role Focus Project

The project aims to support key roles that drive sustainable organizational progress, enabling standardized and efficient operations to meet customer needs and create new innovations that will elevate Thailand’s digital quality of life. The implementation steps are: 

– Crack from the point: Extract employee development needs from corporate strategies, inquire about needs from each department to analyze gaps and obstacles that may prevent employees from increasing their potential per goals.

– Design your suit: Analyze learner groups, tailor content and development formats to engage learners in the most suitable manner. 

– Run through program: Implement according to the curriculum development plan. 

– Follow up outcome: Monitor curriculum development outcomes against set goals.

This year, five key functional roles received development support: 

  1. Sales Role through the Sales to Goal sub-project, developing essential sales skills, knowledge, and attitudes to enable Sales to be more than just providers of information, progressing toward Consultative Sales. 3 courses with 25 employees participating
  2. Project Manager Role through the PM the Series 2023 sub-project, imparting knowledge, skills, and tips necessary for project management from experienced professionals. This allows Project Managers to operate according to standards and keep pace with the company’s situations, collaborating with teams supporting project management. 4 courses with 88 employees participating
  3. Mentor Role through the Mentor Program sub-project to develop necessary skills in nurturing and passing on a good organizational culture to new employees from mentors through the Essential Skills course and experience sharing among the mentor group. A total of 43 employees participated in the 4 courses of this program.
  4. Interviewer Role through the Interviewer Program sub-project. Proper personnel selection is another factor that leads an organization to success. Therefore, developing interviewers to have the same standard in selection, being able to select quality employees with the DNA that matches MFEC culture through the courses “Beyond Artificial Intelligence: The Power of Interview Scorecard” and “Optimizing Hiring Shifting to Outcome-Based Interviews.” A total of 43 employees participated in this program.
  5. Digital Sustainability Specialist through the Digital Sustainability sub-project to create quality personnel at MFEC who can continuously work in Digital Sustainability, elevate the company’s sustainable services, and build customer confidence with three necessary skills: Technology, Soft Skills, and Sustainability. A total of 11 employees participated in this program.