MFEC shift to Sustainable Business Model

MFEC shift to Sustainable Business Model

Total Asset

6,276 MB

Total Income

5,453.11 MB

Net Profit

234.93 MB

MFEC Opportunity Day


MFEC, as a leader in IT provides business transformation and digital transformation services. We thrive to develop infrastructure, design solutions relating to the management of big data in organizations, and integrate security into the operating system. And encourage and develop the potential of our staff to gain new knowledge. Would also be a force to create an impact on society in the future.

Siriwat Vongjarukorn

Chief Executive Officer



Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2024


Form 56-1 One Report


Sustainability Report 2023


ESG performance

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56 – 1 eng 2024
SD Report 2024 EN
ESG Performance 2024 TH

Financial Highlight

Total Assets

6,276 (Million Baht)

+10.9 %

5,656.58 (Million Baht)

Total Income

5,453.11 (Million Baht)

+4.7 %

5,206.52 (Million Baht)

Net Profit

234.93 (Million Baht)

-8.5 %

256.99 (Million Baht)

We are a technology company that aims to enhance people's digital life through innovation, while upholding high standards of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Quality education

We believe that unleashing employees' full potential starts with providing access to quality education and professional development opportunities. By investing in our employees' growth and development, we foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning that not only benefits our employees, but also helps us to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers.

Decent work and economic growth

We are committed to driving innovation that enhances people's digital life, while also creating decent work and economic growth opportunities. By investing in research and development, we seek to develop new and innovative solutions that not only benefit our customers, but also create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the communities where we operate.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We leverage the power of technology to drive innovation and create sustainable infrastructure that enhances people's digital life. By developing cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure solutions, we empower our customers to connect, collaborate, and access essential services and resources, while also driving progress towards a more sustainable future.


We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. This includes monitoring carbon footprint, conserving resources, and managing waste responsibly.


We believe that our success depends on the well-being of our employees, customers, and communities. We prioritize social responsibility by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, supporting local initiatives, and ensuring the ethical and responsible use of our products and services.


We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency, and accountability in all of our operations. We strive to maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders, including investors, customers, and business partner.